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Saturday, April 12, 2008

April Manna

So apparently there are 3 main parts to a boat:

  1. the deck
  2. the hull
  3. the sails

this can be compared to 3 main parts to our life:

  1. our public life
  2. our private life
  3. our spiritual life

Integrity is about having these 3 areas as close together as possible.

David and Mairisine Stanfield came to us this morning and they were both so good we probably should have had them on separate occassions. BUT, it is so good seeing and hearing them work together and off each other.

Mairisine started off explaining who God is to her - sovereign. Even through her illness, pain and isolation she still sees God as sovereign. She believes ministry can become idolatrous, as we can focus on pleasing people. She said she believes the church has lost its theology of suffering.

Concerning leadership we talked about how you need to understand who you are. Ask yourself the question 'What part do you play in the body?'

1 Timothy 4 v12-16

  • we need to set example
  • don't neglect your gift
  • weakness helps dependance
  • independance aint biblical

David went on to say how balance isn't biblical either. Jesus told us to take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow him - aint no balance there!

Attending we had; Clare Woodward, Charlie Knox, Andrew Frame, Jill Boyd and Nicky Blair.

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