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Monday, May 12, 2008

May Manna

Just back from our honeymoon on the Friday and up on Saturday morning for MANNA - hard core! Joining us were: Nicky Blair, Andrew Frame, Dave Currie, Charlie Knox, Rick Hill, Katrina Patterson and Bill Holloway.

I keep forgetting my camera so I have picked a picture what sums up the theme of the morning.

Bill started with an icebreaker which took the whole session! We were meant to look at 'Who we are?' and then 'Who God is?' but didnt get anywhere near the second part.

This was probably the most interactive and intense morning we have had. Might be something to do with the bright sunny morning compared to the dark, cold, wet mornings....anyway

#1 - Are you saved?

#2 - Are you sure you are saved?

So we didn't get passed these 2 questions. It was great tho. We looked at what the word 'saved' actually means. It is more than life after death. There is redemption. There is atonement. Needless to say at 730 in the am it got interesting.

Then we gave different opinions of assurance of salvation. On one side you have people who believe you can lose your salvation and on the other side you have 'once saved, always saved.'

Being saved is more than a one off experience. Sanctification comes into play as well, as an ongoing process, on a daily basis, it is about a way of thinking, learning to change to think like Jesus.

Any comments?

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