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Sunday, June 15, 2008


We asked Adrian Eagleson 'Who is God to you?'

Adrian had 3 answers. 2 immediate and 1 long term experience of God. Firstly, God is JEHOVAH JIREH. Secondly God has been his advocate. And thirdly, and most interestingly, God is his cloud.

Now before you think Eagie has lost it and got his head in the clouds, its not a Care Bear thing, but its about the story in Exodus 13. The children of Israel followed God by cloud during the day and fire by night. A great image of who God is. We need to trust and obey God. Life is a journey with God. Wherever God is moving we will follow!

Adrian also threw in some gems:

  1. Be like a busdriver - people get on and get off in your life, but be nice to them as they might get back on sometime
  2. We need to know God, we don't need to understand God
  3. Learn to swim in different rivers, different strokes
  4. Look after your core (physically and spiritually)

Adrian encouraged us to look after our INSCAPE. He described it by using a triangle. We need to know God. We need to know our roots. We need to know our purpose.

One question that Adrian asked of us:

  1. How are we teaching young people to engage in all areas of life?

Handling money, dealing with the first night in Uni, cooking. Yes we need to address their spiritual being and their soul, but what about their skills, knowledge and experience, their life skills. Ponder!

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