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Monday, January 12, 2009

New year*New venue*New Format*

So we are trying to move away from the old youth service format of praise for 20/25 mins - speaker for 30mins - response time and worship time for another 30 mins. Mannafest has shaped the way for youth service but we believe it needs to change.

Look at the way TV programmes are - 5min magazine shows. Attention span is short. Education has changed the layout of the classroom to enhance pupil development, yet we are still sitting in our stalls, listening to one person speak for 30mins. Church goers are very polite - they just sit and listen, or maybe they just sit....

Can an event transform peoples lives? Does it just create emotional junkies, looking for a monthly high? Do events like Mannafest help or hinder the local church?

So what did you think of having an hour interactive programme? Did you notice any difference?

And what about the new venue? Parking easier? Nice cafe on site?

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