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Thursday, March 19, 2009


(From l to r: Katrina Patterson, Mark Charles, Katie Steiger, Neville Gibson, Rachel Sheppard, Nicole from California!, Andrew Frame, Bill Holloway and Dave Currie just left!)

So Bill came back to talk about personal devotions. We looked at Exodus 3 and tried to find some biblical principles. What is God doing in this passage?

Speaking, revealing Himself, responding to a need, promising, calling, working out His purposes

What is Moses doing?

obeying, listening, hiding

Throughout the Bible we are taught about personal devotions. In Genesis we read about 2 trees in the garden of eden that represent depedence on God and independence. In Luke 4 we read of Jesus being tempted to turn the stones into bread, or act independently from God. John 15 talks about us abiding and remaining in God.

So after looking at what the Bible teaches we looked at how to. Bill used a precepts model - looking, thinking, applying.

I guess the main point was that personal devotions can come out of a legalistic lifestyle, driven by guilt but it needs to coem from a love for God and Bill continually said
"it's all about relationship"

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